Ok, I know what your thinking. I’ve gone to far right? I’ve fallen off the deep end and bumped my head.  Why would one make butter when you can simply go to the grocery store and BUY it? Well, why bother making food when you can buy it either? But no, I wanted to try making butter because I thought it would be cool to be able to say that I did it. Actually the main reason was because I ordered some raw cream and once I got it I found that it was way to thick to put in my coffee which is what I ordered it for. I didn’t have any upcoming recipe’s that called for heavy cream and I had stumbled on a recipe on making butter. Looked easy enough so I tried it. Guess how long it took? It only took 30 min. from start to finish. It was a proud proud day in my kitchen that fine fall day because I churned that cream into butter. Actually it was pretty easy.

All you need is:

Some heavy cream ( I started with a pint)

A food processor

A cold dish for working it (I’ll explain later)

Some ice water and a fork

Salt if you want

Ok, first start by taking a small dish and sticking it in the freezer. You will use this later to clarify your butter and give it a longer shelf life.

Now take your clean food processor and pour the cream in but let it sit out of the fridge for about 20 min. first so that it separates correctly.  Turn it on. Watch the cream as it goes through the different stages from whipped cream, to harder whipped cream and eventually to butter. It will be going right along spinning around in there then suddenly the consistency will change into butter and you will see it separate into yellow butter and whitish buttermilk.  This will take around 5-7 min.  Pretty cool huh?

Ok, now comes the part where you actually do something. Open the lid of the processor and pour out the buttermilk. This isn’t regular cultured buttermilk like at the store but you can still use it for cooking or drinking. It just tastes like low-fat milk.

Next take your ice water and pour some of ice water it into the butter. Not too much. About 4 tbls. to start. Turn the food processor back on for about a minute, open it up and while using your fork or spoon or what have you separate the yellowish liquid from the solid butter.  Repeat. Like 10 times or as many as it takes to get the liquid to look mostly clear. The more you do it that longer the shelf life it will have and the more like actual butter it will be. This process is called cleaning the butter. Don’t ask me why.

Ok, almost done. Remember that cold dish I told you to stick in the freezer? Take it out. Now empty out the butter in it and take your fork and maybe even a pastry cutter or another fork would work too and press it around a bunch until you get most of the water out. This is when you would add in the optional salt. When your satisfied with the results you can either mold it in some wax paper or stick it in a ramikin like I did.

And, wallah! You made butter! Pretty cool huh?

One pint of heavy cream made that much butter. This post is linked up on Lark’s Country Heart: Made it on Monday #7 and This Weeks Cravings


6 responses to “Butter

  • Marissa Bunker

    I tried this and it was working great. But then my little toddler interrupted me after I added the water to wash for the first time. By the time I got back to it, about 5 minutes, it blended the water in and even after processing for over 5 more minutes, I couldn’t get it back to the butter looking state. It looked more like whipped butter. After time in the fridge it hardened. It tastes like butter but has “crumbly” consistency when cold and has areas of different shades of yellow. I’m going to try again with the correct timing!

  • Lark

    I LOVE Homemade fresh Butter on Hot homemade Bread!

    So glad you linked up to Larks County Heart & Made it on Monday! I hope we become your “new habit”.

    • jenniepaige

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I love your site and will be visiting frequently. I also LOVE homemade butter on fresh made bread. Can’t beat it!

  • Lisa G.

    SOOOO cool! I love the tutorial and I’m going to try it soon. Can I do it with raw milk?

    On a side note, my nephew made butter the other day by shaking cream in a jar for 45 minutes. He added a little salt and we spread it on our bread. It was more like whipped butter and it was DELICIOUS!!

    • jenniepaige

      I used raw milk! Yea you can do it manually but it takes forever! I haven’t done whipped butter but I bet that’s great too! mmm

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