No Mistakin’ Bacon Chedder Burger’s

(My husband named this one)
So my 6 year old is a pretty picky eater. She doesn’t even generally like burgers so I was surprised when she couldn’t stop talking about these. Between the sweet and almost spicy and the bacon-these are a crowd pleaser for sure. My hubby even had them as left overs (yes he had two) and they were just as good, even though there wasn’t any more bacon. You should make these. Your family will love you for it and you might make a new best friend if you make it for them.

You will need:
1 lb of good of grass fed beef (this would also work with turkey)
1 generous tsp. Sun Luck Hot Chili Garlic Sauce (Asian Isle)
1 generous tsp. Cholula Hot Sauce (or your favorite hot sauce)
1 medium yellow onion
3 cloves garlic
kosher salt and pepper to taste
several slugs Worcestershire sauce (or white vinegar to avoid corn sugar)
1/2 can pineapple
7 saltine crackers (or enough to firm it up some)
Cheddar Cheese and whole wheat buns
Nitrate free bacon-we used 1 slice each
food processor ( I used a mini)

First thing you want to do fry up some bacon. Your going to use the same grill or skillet and reserve some of the bacon grease.

Next, peel and somewhat cut up the onion and garlic. Then combine it and the pineapple in the food processor and process until smooth. (You don’t have to but you will have some pretty chunky burgers if you don’t)
Now take a large bowl and combine all ingredients except the saltines.

Now take any rings off (Cause you don’t want them to get all meaty. Unless you do then just leave them on. Mine came off). Now get in there and mush it all together. You’re going to notice that it’s going to be pretty wet and mushy. Now is when you crumple up the saltines and combine them. You could run them through the food processor but I didn’t.

Now, remove the bacon from the grill if not already and pour off SOME not all the grease.  Form your burgers and slap them on the skillet. I always form mine pretty flat so that they cook evenly and faster. Let them cook about half way and gently flip them. They’re going to stick a little bit because they’re so juicy. That’s ok. They’re juicy burgers. It’s good.

The rest is pretty straight forward. Just top them with the cheddar slices and plop them on the bun. You can toast your buns if you want but I didn’t this time. Also, SO good with BBQ sauce.

I served them with quinoa and black beans. ENJOY!! And tell me what you thought because I almost added an egg to hold it together more. Tell me if you try that.


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