Entering “The Darkside”

I have officially gone to the dark side. Well, maybe not officially. I haven’t actually bought a Bosch Universal Mixer yet (they are AWESOME  but spendy. Like a Kitchen Aid on steroids) which would make it official. Definitely. But I am well on my way.  And by dark side, I am referring to the wacky world of sprouting and soaking my grains/seeds/nuts to get all the good out!

I just finished a marathon baking session complete with fully soaked grains. (I did cheat a little though and used some white flour…it’s baby steps right?) The results were out of this world.  I made banana millet muffins (with chocolate chips), buttermilk breakfast biscuits, buns, and even had dough left over to make a loaf of bread out of the bun dough. I then made the biscuits into sausage egg and cheese breakfast biscuits that I froze for quick and easy mornings when we have to get out of the house fast but don’t want to revert back to expensive nutrient absent cereal. Oh and I made dinner too. We had slow cooked shredded beef on the fresh buns with bbq sauce (ketchup for the kids….shudder). It was fantastic! And so easy. Honestly I was shocked at how well everything turned out.  I soaked the flour overnight which added to the flavor and consistency making it a superior nutritional product due to the breaking down of phytic acid that is naturally present in grains. Soaking/sprouting/fermenting allows our bodies to digest all the nutrients that God intended for us to get. It alleviates a lot of the stomach upset that is attached to bread and is just generally better for you. Sprouting also changes the sugar content that is stored in bread to that of vegetables. So your body thinks that you are eating vegetables rather than carbs. Yea baby!

Our ancestors were preparing food this way long before we came around. (I often wonder how they knew all the things they did)  The flavor is increased and the texture lighter and fluffier.  It just takes a little planning and patience and the results are well worth the effort.  Promise.

*I will update more as I go along about the science and why’s behind soaking/sprouting. It’s actually pretty cool once you learn about it. An immediate recourse is to get Sally Fallons book “Nourishing Traditions” and also Nina Planck’s book “Real Food” as well as Sue Gregg books. These books are not the exclusive resources on Traditional Foods by any means but they are a great place to start.*


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