Chevre (Goat’s Milk Cheese)

This was so easy! And fun! Actual work took MAYBE 15 mins. and I got around a lb. of fresh raw milk chevre and about 3 qts. of whey that I will use for soaking whole grains.

It was especially awesome because I snagged this goats milk for free several months ago (long story) and it was just hanging out in my deep freezer taunting me to be made into chevre. Have you ever had goats milk cheese? It’s really good! It goes well in salads, or spread on crackers, or in gourmet sandwiches. It’s really a special treat. I happened to have raw goats milk but you can absolutely use regular goats milk from a natural foods store. Just make sure it’s fresh and not ultra-pasteurized. Trickling Springs Creamery is a good local choice that is pretty readily available.

You will need to get a special chevre culture for doing it this way, which I think is the easiest by far. I got mine at Cultures for Health for around $6 and it makes several batches.  I think I might try making feta next.

So you need the culture starter and a gallon of goats milk, a thermometer, wooden spoon, and a thick bottomed stainless steel pot. That’s it!

Before you begin, make sure everything that you use is sterilized so you don’t cross contaminate any other random bacteria as you culture your cheese.

The directions say, which I followed, to heat up the milk to 86 degrees then add the culture which conveniently comes in little pouches that you just tear open. After you heat up the milk on medium, stirring frequently  just add the starter to the milk, cover it and let it sit for about 12 hrs. I let mine culture overnight.

12 hours later, or when your cheese has set (you’ll know) you strain it out onto cheese cloth and let it hang for several hours depending on how dry you want it to be.  Below is a pic just after hanging for about 4 hours.

After all the whey soaks out, you can do a couple things with it. You can eat it right away, form it into small balls and let sit in olive oil, or wrap it in wax paper like I did.

This recipe is shared over at Fresh Bites Friday for the blog carnival-lots of great recipes there! Also seen at Kitchen Tip Tuesday 5/9

*I will get paid a small commission if you purchase anything at Cultures for Health through on of my links but that is just a bonus as I already love their products*


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