5 Ways to Make Eggs-fast!

I have been boycotting buying cereal. Just haven’t done it. It was the LAST thing to go in our menus on healthful eating and boy was it hard to convince my kids (and my husband) to kick the habit. We were spending easily $30-40 or more per month on crappy nutrition-less air-filled cereal. So, I have been on a quest the last few weeks on how on earth to make FAST breakfast meals that the kids will actually like. We are usually rushing around quite a bit in the mornings and there’s just no time for fooling around much in the kitchen in the a.m. So meals either have to be prepped the night before (thank you soaked pancakes and oatmeal) or really very quick and easy to whip up.

Eggs and toast are always a good standby and I am thankful for it. We get a good dose of protein and healthy fats, especially when cooked with grass-fed butter or olive oil, and it’s really very nice to have a hot meal to start off the day.

Here are a few different ways to make eggs that are crowd pleasers at our house. And please please please use farm fresh eggs that are grass fed! If you are int the Frederick area there are PLENTY of places to get them. If you are shopping at Mom’s or Common Market then pick up Jehovah-Jireh Farm Eggs. They are out of control good.

The last one I’m going to share I got off of the Kitchen Stewardship Blog and while it sounds odd, it is out of this world.

Way 1:

Fried in plenty of olive oil topped with coarse sea salt and pepper. That’s it, and it’s really good! Make sure you heat up your pan with the olive oil before adding the egg directly to the pan. I always cut the yolk some to let it run all over and then put a top on the pan to get the top of the eggs cooked as well. No runny eggs here.

Way 2:

Scrambled #1- Heat pan with butter or olive oil first. Mix eggs separately with about a tsp. of milk per egg, salt, pepper, and fresh basil if you have it. Dried is ok too. Scramble eggs at a low heat to increase flavor and so you don’t damage the fats in the yolk.

Way 3:

Scrambled #2-

I’m just going to give you a tip on this one. If you like your eggs sort of fluffy like at IHOP the secret is to add a touch of pancake mix to the batter. If you don’t have that then I’m sure a pinch of baking soda or baking powder with a touch of flour would have the same effect. Try it! And top this version with plenty of sharp cheddar cheese too!

Way 4:

Omelet These are a bit trickier but I have learned to use a smallish pan and make sure you grease the bottom very well with plenty of butter. Scramble your eggs separately and go ahead and add any toppings you like. We like crumbled bacon or sausage, onions, peppers, cheese, nitrate free ham. Whatever floats your boat. The tip with adding the pancake mix is very helpful with omelets. Also don’t forget the milk.  After you add the scrambled eggs immediately put a top on the pan and after it looks like it’s almost cooked all around (cook on low) the gently fold over one side, put the top back on a cook until done. Takes a bit of practice but it’s worth it!

Way 5:

Scrambled #3 (The secret ingredient one)

Get pan hot with plenty of grass fed butter. At the same time you add the butter add full fat cottage cheese (yup, you read that right) and spinach (optional but good!). When the cottage cheese has had a minute or so to melt and the spinach some time to wilt add the eggs right to the pan and scramble away. Add sea salt, pepper, and top with a touch of cheddar cheese. Make sure you cook it on low to low/medium. You want to add about 1 tbls of cottage cheese to each egg. Your mouth will thank you for this little gem. SO GOOD!

Enjoy all these eggs people! Have a way that you make eggs that you would like to share? Let me know, I am really on the hunt for fast breakfast meals.


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