How to make Kombucha Tea-A Video Tutorial

So I’ve never done a video tutorial before. Ever. This is my first one! Please excuse my nervousness.

One thing I need to clarify is that you add 2 more quarts of water after you pour in the concentrated tea/sugar into the fermenting jar or bowl. (Remember to ONLY use clear glass) This will also bring the tea mixture down to room temperature relatively quickly so you don’t have to wait as long to add the water.

Also, make sure that what you use to cover the fermenting container with the clean and white only. A clean white tea towel works, as does a coffee filter.

Here is the basic written recipe:

4-7 bags ORGANIC green or ORGANIC black tea ONLY-no flavored or herbed tea or even Earl Grey. Just plain old black or green ORGANIC tea. (using non-organic tea can cause your scoby to mold (I usually use 3 bags of each, but feel free to experiment, just make sure to include at least 1 black tea bag)-In the video I couldn’t remember why it is that you need at least one black tea bag, and according to Betsy Pryor of Laurel Farms who is all Kombucha, all the time you need some tannin in there which is found in the black tea)

1 to 1/2 cups organic granulated sugar (or white sugar)

3 qts filtered water (well water or distilled preferred)

1 Kombucha Scoby

1 fermenting container large enough to hold about a gallon. ie. clear gallon size jar (can use an old pickle jar), or a large clear glass bowl. (If you use a bowl make sure you also have a tea towel or cheese cloth and a large rubber band to cover. I prefer using the gallon jar as it’s MUCH easier to harvest the tea in my opinion.

1-2 cups Kombucha Tea from a previous batch or 2 cups distilled white vinegar

How To:

This is very easy, doesn’t take much longer than just making tea. Make sure that before you begin everything is sterilized. This is very important so you don’t introduce any bad bacteria to your K-Tea brew.

So you boil about a quart of water and then let it steep with the tea bags for at least 15 mins. You can go longer too but just be sure to add the water to the tea while it’s hot so it will dissolve all the way.

Then you can add the tea mixture to the fermenting jar and add about 2 more cups water. Make sure the mixture is at room temperature before adding any of the Kombucha Tea or the Scoby.

One the tea has cooled, you can go ahead and combine the two cups of Kombucha Tea from a previous batch, or however much came with your scoby or vinegar if you got a dehydrated scoby. Then add the scoby itself making sure that the flat smooth side is on top.

Now you just add either a coffee filter, tea towel or cheese cloth fastened with a rubber band. Place in an undisturbed quiet draft free location for about a week. You can begin to taste test the brew after about 4 days depending on the ambient temperature in your house. The warmer your house the faster it will ferment. K-Tea is ready when most of the surgar has been converted and you are left with a slightly tangy or even vinegary taste. The longer you let it brew the more vingeary tasting it will be. So it really depends on how you like it.

I will post another video tutorial on how to harvest the tea and do a continuous ferment and how to take a break from brewing your Kombucha Tea. Enjoy! And remember to start off slowly with the tea as it does have a detoxifying effect. General recommendation is about 4-6 ounces per day.

Have fun with it!


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