Warming up to Green Smoothies

I’m sure many of you, if not all, have heard of green smoothies.  It’s really no big deal stick a few greens in with your smoothie. It sounds stranger than it actually tastes.  (Plus the smoothies don’t actually have to BE green as the picture above shows) I have learned to do it in moderation and most of the time my kids don’t even know. You can’t taste it if you don’t add a huge amount or don’t choose something like mustard greens. Not that I hide vegetables or try to “sneak them” at all, but it’s nice to get extra greens in when you can.

Here’s a good recipe to start warming up to the idea. Or if you are already a green smoothie pro, then you can add this one to your smoothie menu.  This fresh fruit smoothie is packed full of probiotics, antioxidants, iron, potassium, and good fats all while being a pleasure to your palate.

Note that measurements are approximates as there is a lot of wiggle room in smoothies.

2 cups plain kefir (make your own for super cheap with milk kefir grains) OR plain yogurt and whole milk (you can use vanilla yogurt but stay far away from the fruit varieties. Have you ever seen how much sugar is in those things? Brown cow cream top is a favorite at our place if I haven’t made my own in a while.

1 large banana (or half an avocado)

1 1/2 cups mixed frozen berries (we usually use a mix of strawberry’s (leave the greens on-they contain TONS of vitamin-c), raspberries, blueberry’s and mulberry’s) Whatever is on had. Feel free to sub other fruits too!

A generous tbls. coconut cream  concentrate (tropical traditions) or coconut oil

medium size handful of fresh spinach

Add-ons: flax seeds, nuts, few red grapes (optional but good!)

Just place in your blender and blend away! Use the “whole fruit” setting if you have a blendtec (LOVE IT by the way) This makes about 5 smallish servings.

I’m not a big fan of putting ice in smoothies which is why I like to use frozen fruit but if your fruit is fresh then you can add some ice if you like it cold.

We made a meal out of it (lunch today but usually for breakfast with homemade muffins) by serving it with a generous slice of whole grain bread topped with peanut butter. The kids always scream “SMOOTHIE” when they know I”m making them. Good stuff.

The left is a picture of Taylor with a smoothie and peanut butter mustache and on the right is Emily enjoying her bread (her FAVORITE snack ever with her smoothie)

This recipe is posted on Real Food Wednesday over at Kelly the Kitchen Kop, and on Monday Mania at The Healthy Home Economist, Hidden Veggies Linky Party at Cooking TF, and Dining with Debbie-check out some of the other great recipes there too!


2 responses to “Warming up to Green Smoothies

  • Sense of Home

    We love smoothies and make them every weekend. In the summer when spinach is growing in my garden we add a big handful of spinach and I have added ground flax a time or two. Never tried the coconut oil, but that is a very healthy addition and would add a bit of tropical flavor.


    • jenniepaige

      Hi Brenda-
      Yes we have them for breakfast along with a homemade muffins several times a week and for snacks. The coconut just gives such a lovely flavor and mellows it out so much with the added benefit of getting healthy fats in. See if you can get some coconut cream concentrate. That stuff is amazing! Thanks for stopping by!

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