Three Day Mom Marathon!

I feel like I just ran a three-day Mom Marathon! I have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen (details to follow) and dealing with a sick three-year old, who I might add pretty much never gets sick (thank you Jesus), as well as the day-to-day life stuff. I have only left my house to do short errands and oh yea today I also went to get a consult about getting my wisdom teeth removed. Joy of all joys.

Logan, my son came down with a random fever bug. High fever, no appetite,  and a sore throat and that’s pretty much it. His fever never got too terribly high but we had him sleep with us to keep an eye on him and I’m glad we did as both night his fever spiked pretty bad. But thank to Lord he is pretty much all better now, his appetite is slowly returning.

As for the kitchen duty, well my stores of goodies had gotten pretty low and I set about replenishing them. See, so I don’t spend my entire day in the kitchen I do a lot of batch cooking and baking. It really is the best way to do the whole Real Foods thing with it taking over your life. Because it can if you let it.

Anyhow, I needed to get to work so this is what I have made since Monday afternoon (it’s Wednesday now):

  1. Soaked Granola 
  2. Soaked whole grain apple-spiced pop-over (more like baked french toast but without the toast-SO amazing!)
  3. Spaghetti with easy homemade tomato-meat sauce
  4. Chicken Soup made from bones with soaked brown rice-for Logan
  5. Water Kefir Soda
  6. Milk Kefir
  7. 4 loaves of soaked whole wheat bread (recipe coming soon)
  8. Soaked whole wheat crackers-think wheat thins (recipe also coming soon)
  9. An amazing dinner that involved wilted spinach topped with crispy garlic, homemade egg noodles that I got from my CSA share tossed in olive oil, and sea prawns (fancy shrimp) YUM!
  10. Currently soaking more oats for granola bars and to have soaked oats on hand for whatever
  11. Something else I can’t think of I’m sure

That’s a LOT of dishes! Thankfully I have a wonderful husband that helps out or I would be mad tired.  I am now able to step out of the kitchen for a while. We have a couple easy breakfasts in that mix: homemade wheat bread topped with grass-fed butter and kefir smoothies, and granola with grass-fed raw milk. There is also enough left-overs for two full meals. So I really just have to worry about lunch and that’s easy-maybe peanut butter and raw honey on some more of my homemade bread-decisions, decisions!

So, I’m not really sure what the moral of the post is other than I think I need some sleep. But here’s an idea to chew on-spend a couple of days in the kitchen and then take a couple of days off so you don’t burn yourself out! I know, I have done it many a times.

Check back over the next few days for some of the recipes that I listed above so you can hopefully add them to your queue. And try some of the ones I already have up!


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