About Jennie

First and foremost I am a Lord lover and follower of Jesus Christ. Without him, I am nothing. I hope that this blog can bless others as so many other blogs and taught and blessed me. I don’t claim to know everything by any means, and I won’t always get things right but this is a work in progress, just as I am.

I was married young in 2002 after dating my husband for a whopping 5 months (warning-not for the faint of heart) and about 15 months later we had our first girl Emily. I have been slowly loosing touch with reality since.

My second daughter Taylor was born 2. 5 years later in April, (the best month to give birth-you miss all extreme weather and you’re not quite as fat by short’s season) than about 2 years later little baby Logan was born. Our first and only boy. No more kids for the Paige family. No sir-3 is my capacity.  I gotta give it to big family’s though. Kids are a lot of work! Plus they really do grow up to be adults, and before that teenagers….it’s scary.

Now, let’s get down to the dirty-dirty. I try to look at my life as an adventure. One that I may or may not always be up for but it’s happening none the less.  What does that even mean you might be thinking? Well perhaps you may have your own idea but let me tell you mine-seeing as it’s my blog and all. I think that if you want it to be, everyday can be an adventure. You may be doing the same old same old but really you’re not. There only thing that you have control over is the present and even then while things may seem or perhaps even be out of your own control, your reality is your present. So, you can do with it what you want! Yes, you may have to go to work every day, or stay home, or go to school or pick your nose-whatever. It’s how you feel about yourself and your life that makes it uniquely yours. So it’s an adventure because you haven’t done it yet!

And I consider myself a semi-slacker because I’m in between in my efforts. For example, there are some days when I clean the house, make a well-balanced super delicious dinner, take the kids to an outing and get them to bed on time.  Those days rock. I feel like I’m on top of the world and have a peace about myself.  Then there are the other days. Some better than the others but yea..not Suzie homemaker days.  The house is what I consider a mess, laundry is piled up, a little too much TV, lunch is PB&J dinner is whatever is quick. Pizza, chicken nuggets (anyone have a good make ahead homemade recipe?),  anything I have on hand. So yea, not perfect by any means but I try. And that’s all we can do. And keep doing while finding a balance which is NOT always easy to do.  That is the story of my life- finding balance.

So, enjoy my blog and share if you like it!



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