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Slow Cooked Grass-fed Beef Roast with Green Beans

This is another one of those super easy, super simple, super delicious meals.  It’s so simple that it hardly requires a recipe so I will just list simply how it’s made.

What’s so great about this is that I made the chuck roast in the crock pot the day before and pulled the meal together the next day shortly before we eat it. You can also cook a large batch and freeze some of the meat to make quickie meals later on, like a stir fry or beef tacos. This is a good meal to serve in any season, and it’s great for warmer weather because you cook most of it your crock pot which helps to keep your house cool. You will also yield about a quart or so of nice beef broth from this as well.

What you need:

2-3 lb. beef roast (chuck preferred)

Squirt of concentrated tomato paste (optional)

Seasonings to taste: sea salt, pepper, dried rosemary, adobo

1 large yellow onion, diced

4-5 cloves garlic, diced

1-2 lbs. green beans ( I used the last quart of what I canned last summer)

A little olive oil for heating it all together

The How To:

In your crock pot put in the 2-3 lbs. roast. Grass-fed is best as always. (It’s actually GOOD for you)  I used Chuck Roast as it’s my personal favorite roast meat because it comes well marbled and I don’t feel the need to add and extra fat to it. You can use a frozen roast just as easily as a thawed one for this; just adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Pour enough filtered water to almost cover the roast and add the other ingredients. Place your crock pot on high for about 4 hours then switch to low until very tender.   At this point you can proceed with the meal to eat that night, freeze some of the meat for another meal, or stick it in your fridge to pull together the next day which is what I did. The left over liquid can be put into freezer bags or in a quart size jar to use for other meals that require beef broth.

To pull it all together simply take however much off the meat you want to eat for that meal and place it in a warmed pan that has the olive oil and green beans in it and warm it up. Pull it apart some to distribute the flavor as I did or just leave it whole.  I paired it with jasmine rice which helped bring it all together simply. Easy Peesy.

The picture looks pretty sparse because I forgot to take a picture before it was served. This was all that was left!


Perfect Rainy Day Stoup

This Pure Homemaking Blog entry is participating in Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s Real Food Wednesday. Check out some of the other recipes over there!

I was in no mood today. No good mood anyways. I am SICK of the rain here in Frederick. So, I didn’t have anything prepared for dinner because I was too busy brooding about the lack of spring. Is it just me, or is thing spring not very “springy” so far. I digress.

Anyhow, I was going to make my Lentili because for some reason the thought of lentils, ground beef and beans were in my head. I’m not really sure why though. I then discovered that my last jar of tomatoes that I canned over the summer was gone. None in the freezer either. My mood wasn’t improving. I did however locate a bag of pre-cooked and frozen beans with corn that I oh so conveniently stuck in there. (I make large batches of beans and freeze about half of what I”m not using for that recipe so I can have pre-made beans on hand without using canned) So I took out a lb. of grass fed ground beef and let it sit out with the frozen beans while I pondered what to do. I decided to just go for it. Not like I’ve never made a meal before that my kids wouldn’t eat. So here’s how it went….no need to be exact on the measurements:

What you need:

1 1/2 cups dry lentils (had I of thought ahead I would have soaked it with water and a little vinegar or lemon juice make it more digestible)  plus double that amount of liquid. I used half filtered water, half homemade broth

1 lb. grass-fed beef-browned (you can buy it in bulk for cheaper than you can get the regular stuff at the supermarket!-just saying)

1 small container organic beef broth (haven’t gotten around to making my own yet)

1 med. yellow onion and about 3-4 cloves garlic fried in a little bacon grease (butter of coconut oil if you don’t have any)

1/2 lb. beans and corn-I used a mix of kidney and pinto

Few squirts of concentrated tomato paste (the best kind, but regular tomato paste would be ok too I’m sure)

seasonings such as salt, pepper, adobo, and a touch of dried rosemary

The How to:

You pretty much just toss it all in a large pot and let it cook on med./low for as long as it takes for the lentils to be soft, about 30 mins.  Alternately, you can do what I did which is to cook the lentils for about 15 mins. separately before adding the other ingredients. Either way would work. I just let the lentils cook some while I fried the onions and browned the ground beef so it would be ready quickly.

Serve with a nice loaf of whole grain bread (although french bread would be pretty rockin’ too though)

After I tasted this, my mood was much better. Especially when my kids said “MMM this is so good!”  I couldn’t believe how much protein there was in that little meal too. Oh and I called it a stoup because I can’t decide if it’s more stew or more soup. You decide!

Make in Your Sleep Shredded Beef

I’m going to see how short I can make this post. It will probably take me longer to type it then it did to make it. This is one of those amazingly good crowd pleasing, kid loving, husband approved cheap meals that should be in your dinner que. I got this idea from Kelly the Kitchen Kop (I think) and it’s so simple it’s not something I would normally think of doing as I can sometimes over complicate things.

What you need:

1 3ish lbs beef roast-favorites are chuck and sirloin. (preferably grass fed and frozen is fine)

sea salt and pepper

1 large onion peeled and chopped

4-5 cloves garlic chopped or pressed

filtered water

What you do:

So, you just turn your crock pot on high and toss the frozen roast in and almost cover it with water. Add everything else and walk away. Come back in about 4-5 hrs or when the meat is fork tender and shred it using to forks, removing any fat. Place the meat back in (optional, can skip if you’re in a hurry) and put the crock pot on low and let the juices absorb and make your meat even more tender.Let it cook for about another 1-2 hrs.

When you are ready to serve it, just plate it on some whole grain buns and add BBQ sauce and cheese. (my kids topped it with ketchup) I served it with raw broccoli and ranch dressing. SO good and easy!

This recipe was shared over at Pennywise Platter Thursday with The Nourishing Gourmet and Monday Mania 5/9 at The Healthy Home Economist


This is another name chosen by my faithful hubby. Because it’s like chili meets lentils. Lentili. I thought it was clever.

So, this was a recipe that I adapted from something that I found on the Passionate Homemaking Blog. I wanted to do it in the crockpot because I was going to be running errands during prime time dinner cooking time and really wanted to avoid the temptation of drive through. So, I pulled out the crockpot and thought for a while about what I wanted to make. I remembered I had made this before in the crockpot so decided to whip it up because I remembered it being really good! And it is really good. Like comfort food to the max. Especially in the winter.

So you’re gonna want to start this early because it takes the lentil ages to cook. (If you pre-cook the lentils some than it will cut off a lot of time though, just adjust the liquid ratio in the dish) If you get started on it late then I would suggest par cooking the lentils first. I personally hate crockpot recipe’s that pretty much just keeps the food warm so I actually wanted the lentil to cook in all the delicious flavors of this dish. Just a note that you might want to add some of the chili powder and cayenne after serving it to kids. It wasn’t spicy but it did have a touch of a kick to it. But if your kids like that than by all means throw it all in there at once.

You will need:

1 cup lentils (I used green)

1 lb. ground beef (would also work with turkey)

3 good palm fulls of both cumin and chili powder

dash cayenne powder

1-2 tbls. white vinegar

1 onion sliced

3-4 cloves garlic diced small

1 tbls. Olive oil

1tbls butter

1 large can (about 28 oz) diced tomatoes

1-2 tbls super concentrated tomato paste (or more of the regular stuff)

salt and pepper to taste ( I used kosher salt-about 1tbls.)

3 cups water (you might want to decrease to 2 1/2 cups for thicker consistency)

Sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese to serve with

So, first you want to turn on your crockpot to high heat and put in the water, butter and lentils. Now take a skillet and add the olive oil and onion. Allow to cook down till about translucent. Next add the ground beef and garlic. (I started with semi-frozen ground beef and had to defrost it as it cooked as seen in the picture.) Go ahead and brown the ground beef really well. I like to do this because the flavor changes a bit when it gets really browned. The onion should be cooking with it at the same time.

Once the meat is done go ahead and drain any fat (I didn’t have any because we use grass fed beef which is VERY low in fat and the fats present are much better anyhow) and dump it along with all the other ingredients into the crockpot.

Now just let it cook for 7-10 hours on HIGH. Go even longer if you have the time. You really want those lentil to absorb all the liquid and cook through.

Top with sour cream and cheddar cheese, serve and enjoy! The leftovers will be really good from this too.

Serves 5-6

No Mistakin’ Bacon Chedder Burger’s

(My husband named this one)
So my 6 year old is a pretty picky eater. She doesn’t even generally like burgers so I was surprised when she couldn’t stop talking about these. Between the sweet and almost spicy and the bacon-these are a crowd pleaser for sure. My hubby even had them as left overs (yes he had two) and they were just as good, even though there wasn’t any more bacon. You should make these. Your family will love you for it and you might make a new best friend if you make it for them.

You will need:
1 lb of good of grass fed beef (this would also work with turkey)
1 generous tsp. Sun Luck Hot Chili Garlic Sauce (Asian Isle)
1 generous tsp. Cholula Hot Sauce (or your favorite hot sauce)
1 medium yellow onion
3 cloves garlic
kosher salt and pepper to taste
several slugs Worcestershire sauce (or white vinegar to avoid corn sugar)
1/2 can pineapple
7 saltine crackers (or enough to firm it up some)
Cheddar Cheese and whole wheat buns
Nitrate free bacon-we used 1 slice each
food processor ( I used a mini)

First thing you want to do fry up some bacon. Your going to use the same grill or skillet and reserve some of the bacon grease.

Next, peel and somewhat cut up the onion and garlic. Then combine it and the pineapple in the food processor and process until smooth. (You don’t have to but you will have some pretty chunky burgers if you don’t)
Now take a large bowl and combine all ingredients except the saltines.

Now take any rings off (Cause you don’t want them to get all meaty. Unless you do then just leave them on. Mine came off). Now get in there and mush it all together. You’re going to notice that it’s going to be pretty wet and mushy. Now is when you crumple up the saltines and combine them. You could run them through the food processor but I didn’t.

Now, remove the bacon from the grill if not already and pour off SOME not all the grease.  Form your burgers and slap them on the skillet. I always form mine pretty flat so that they cook evenly and faster. Let them cook about half way and gently flip them. They’re going to stick a little bit because they’re so juicy. That’s ok. They’re juicy burgers. It’s good.

The rest is pretty straight forward. Just top them with the cheddar slices and plop them on the bun. You can toast your buns if you want but I didn’t this time. Also, SO good with BBQ sauce.

I served them with quinoa and black beans. ENJOY!! And tell me what you thought because I almost added an egg to hold it together more. Tell me if you try that.

Fail Proof Marinated Steak

This marinade is so good you will find yourself coming to it time and time again even playing around with it to make it yours. The secret in this one is the soy sauce, and of course the garlic. You can’t have a good steak without it. Come to think of it, you can’t do much without it. We’re friends, garlic and I. I digress. Here goes:

First off, start with a good cut of steak. Grass fed beef is best because, well because of a lot of reasons but speaking purely form a culinary standpoint it’s very tender, juicy and full flavored. I used a thick cut rib-eye for this one, about 2 pds. Can also be split into smaller sizes.

Basic Marinade:

About a 1 1/2 cup soy sauce

At least 4 cloves garlic through a garlic press or minced finely to release maximum flavor

Few dashes Worcestershire sauce or white vinegar to avoid corn sugar

3-4 tbls good quality olive oil

About a 1/4 cup honey

Good amount of freshly ground black pepper, about 2 tsp.

1 tsp or so of Abodo seasoning

Bragg’s All Purpose Seasoning (can omit)


Freshly grated ginger , lime juice

marinate for at least an hour, up to a day. I did it for about 3 hours.

When your ready to cook it the steak, preheat a cast iron skillet grill or a regular old skillet but the grill leaves really nice grill marks on it.  Your gonna want to brown this steak on both sides so get it good and hot. Brush butter on the skillet and take your meat out, saving the marinade. Brown the meat on both sides for about 3-5 mins. on med/high heat depending on thickness of steak and desired done-ness. (very technical term)

Meanwhile, strain the marinade into a small sauce pan and simmer for at least 10 mins to get rid of any bacteria from the steak. I wouldn’t do with with chicken but it’s ok with steak or even pork. You can either leave the sauce like this or if you prefer a gravy consistency, mix together about 1 tps corn starch with cold water and THEN add it to the sauce stir and continue to simmer a few more mins.

Now back to the steak. It’s on now. Turn the heat way down and continue to cook until it’s cooked how you like it. I like it medium so it’s about 5-7 mins on both sides depending on the thickness. My steak was pretty thick this time.

Once the steak is done set it aside and LET IT REST!! This is important to help lock in the juices.

Serve with sauce and a potato side dish and a green vegetable. Some suggestions are cheesy herbed garlic mashed potatoes, baked potato bundles and green beans. Or broccoli. Really the choice is yours. But potatoes go really well with steak. Just putting that out there.

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