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Perfect Rainy Day Stoup

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I was in no mood today. No good mood anyways. I am SICK of the rain here in Frederick. So, I didn’t have anything prepared for dinner because I was too busy brooding about the lack of spring. Is it just me, or is thing spring not very “springy” so far. I digress.

Anyhow, I was going to make my Lentili because for some reason the thought of lentils, ground beef and beans were in my head. I’m not really sure why though. I then discovered that my last jar of tomatoes that I canned over the summer was gone. None in the freezer either. My mood wasn’t improving. I did however locate a bag of pre-cooked and frozen beans with corn that I oh so conveniently stuck in there. (I make large batches of beans and freeze about half of what I”m not using for that recipe so I can have pre-made beans on hand without using canned) So I took out a lb. of grass fed ground beef and let it sit out with the frozen beans while I pondered what to do. I decided to just go for it. Not like I’ve never made a meal before that my kids wouldn’t eat. So here’s how it went….no need to be exact on the measurements:

What you need:

1 1/2 cups dry lentils (had I of thought ahead I would have soaked it with water and a little vinegar or lemon juice make it more digestible)  plus double that amount of liquid. I used half filtered water, half homemade broth

1 lb. grass-fed beef-browned (you can buy it in bulk for cheaper than you can get the regular stuff at the supermarket!-just saying)

1 small container organic beef broth (haven’t gotten around to making my own yet)

1 med. yellow onion and about 3-4 cloves garlic fried in a little bacon grease (butter of coconut oil if you don’t have any)

1/2 lb. beans and corn-I used a mix of kidney and pinto

Few squirts of concentrated tomato paste (the best kind, but regular tomato paste would be ok too I’m sure)

seasonings such as salt, pepper, adobo, and a touch of dried rosemary

The How to:

You pretty much just toss it all in a large pot and let it cook on med./low for as long as it takes for the lentils to be soft, about 30 mins.  Alternately, you can do what I did which is to cook the lentils for about 15 mins. separately before adding the other ingredients. Either way would work. I just let the lentils cook some while I fried the onions and browned the ground beef so it would be ready quickly.

Serve with a nice loaf of whole grain bread (although french bread would be pretty rockin’ too though)

After I tasted this, my mood was much better. Especially when my kids said “MMM this is so good!”  I couldn’t believe how much protein there was in that little meal too. Oh and I called it a stoup because I can’t decide if it’s more stew or more soup. You decide!


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