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What’s on Your Plate Sunday 5/22

This is the second week where I am asking everyone what’s on YOUR PLATE tonight. (This was last weeks post) I want to know what everyone is cooking up over the weekend, so please share! And if you have a recipe you would like to share, they are very welcomed as well.

I wasn’t feeling all that well yesterday (yes even real foodies do get sick sometimes) so we didn’t get to do our big grill out that we had planned. So today I am feeling better and still want to grill up those yummy grass-fed steaks that are staring at me from the fridge. To accompany our steaks I am going to steam my hubby’s favorite vegetable, which is asparagus, and top it with an easy blender hollandaise sauce. We will serve it with either a potato dish or jasmine rice-not sure yet!

I have the makings for vanilla ice cream that are happily chilling in the fridge right now and plan to make a delicious chocolate sauce to top it all off. We also have a couple of Kefir water sodas that should be about done with their secondary ferment that will go nicely with dinner. I am making “ginger-ail” this time. I need to do a post on kefir soda soon! It’s SO much fun and ridiculously easy, you wouldn’t believe it. Plus it’s amazingly good for you! You can’t beat it. Kids love it AND adults love which makes it a win-win for me!

Oh and I will get up recipe’s for the sauce and ice cream this week. I finally figured how to make the best basic ice cream without having to make the vanilla into a custard which is fantastic but it does take a while. This method can be whipped up in about 7 minutes (not including the chilling time and the actual 15 mins. or so it takes in the ice cream maker)


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