Where and How to Buy


Where to buy some of the items that I talk about and tips on finding good deals-keep checking back as this page will be frequently updated

Tropical Traditions-Coconut products and more education about why it’s good for you

Green Pastures-Fermented Cod liver oil, ghee (clarified butter), high vitamin butter oil, coconut oil

Sycamore Springs Farm-Frederick Area organic CSA, heirloom chickens, grass-fed beef, turkey, pastured eggs (the one I use and HIGHLY RECOMMEND 

Wagon Wheel Ranch-pastured meats in bulk and true cage free eggs-I get a lot of my meat here ( DC Metro area)

Hedge Apple Farm-Grass-fed beef by the cut (DC Metro area-)

Eat Wild– Where to find grass-fed beef throughout the country and tons of educational information on why it’s good for you

Jehovah-Jireh Farmpastured chickens, turkey, lamb, true cage free eggs-I get chickens and eggs here (DC metro area)

Trickling Springs Creamery-low temperature pasteurized dairy products (I think they deliver) (MD)

South Mountain Creamery-low temperature Dairy products delivered to your door in glass bottles (MD, VA, DC, MD, WV) 

Azure Standard-bulk food such as grains, nut butters, etc. This ship via fed-ex or have delivery routes in the Midwest

Paula’s Bread– grain mills, Bosch Universal mixers, dehydrators (also check ebay and craig’s list)

Cultures for Health– A vast variety of cultures from Kombuch, kefir, various cheeses, vegetables, yogurt, etc. As well as the Excalibur dehydrator, books and other resources

Real Milk-Information on Real Milk (grass-fed and raw), and where to locate it in your area

New England Cheese Making Supply Company– many different cheese making supplies and information

Tips on Sourcing High Quality Organic Goods at a lower price:

  • Check the bulk sections at your local health food store and talk to the manager to see if you can get a lower rate by buying in larger quantities. Or ask them who their distributor is and try to go to them directly to get a low price for bulk items
  • Also, check with like-minded people and networks in your area to see if there is an established food buying club. They are popping up all over the country and you would be surprised what you can get through them. Or set one up yourself if you can’t find one.
  • Another tip for getting lower prices on items is to buy in bulk. Share a large order with a friend or several friends to get a lower price and save on shipping. Many companies will have deals like this even if it’s not advertised on their website.

(And if you were wondering,  I am affiliated with one these companies and can earn money if you make a purchase at their site using one of my links.  Cultures for Health is the only company that I am currently affiliates with at the time, however I hope to add more in the near future. Also please know that I would ONLY endorse and recommend companies that I feel represent what I stand for and would NEVER recommend any company that I don’t stand behind and have either had personal experience with or have heard good reviews from other reputable sources. )


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