Jennie’s Cooking Philosophy

I believe that building a pure life starts at home. Nutritious good tasting food is vital to our well being on many levels. Eating foods with pure and wholesome ingredients is key to vibrant, passionate living. Enjoy my blog and pass it along to those you care for. *The fine print: I am not a doctor and cannot treat or diagnose any medical problems*

Around here we eat mostly organic grass fed, pastured meat. We buy in bulk to save money and it usually ends up being cheaper than getting grocery store meat.  I will write more later on the why’s of eating clean organic and grass fed meat and dairy but for now you will just have to take my word for it. We also drink Raw Milk and I do use it in my cooking but not exclusively. I believe in moderation and doing what you can with what you have.

All of the recipe’s that I use call for full fat real version of whatever ingredient I use. For example, we don’t use low fat milk or margarine or even low fat cheese, sour cream, you get the idea, if I can help it. More on that later too but the main reason is that it’s bad for you and it makes you fat! Just briefly here, your body does not recognize foreign foods such as margarine because it’s fake and it doesn’t digest it the way it does butter. Your body needs fats to digest and also to run on. It’s very very important to our diets and should not be taken away. So by drinking low-fat milk your really doing your body, and your taste buds a disservice. We need to eat GOOD fats in moderation. ie, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc.

I am currently starting to soak my whole grain/flour and am also doing little sprouting. I do this  to get the most nutrition out of the grains and to help neutralize the phytic acid and make the grains for digestible. Your body digest it much much better this way and I am learning the ins and outs of it right now. Having a good time doing it too! If any readers out there who have already been doing it for a while have any tips to share, please do so!

Please tell me what you love and even if you hated something! Please also submit your recipes that you would like to share! In only ask that proper blogging etiquette be used-if you post a recipe please link it back to this one.  Enjoy!!

I'm making Christmas Dinner for 21 people!!


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